Index Energy is a North American-based investment company that is active in renewable energy. Our first investment was in the Ajax Steam Plant in 2007. At Index Energy, we have experienced engineers and specialists in energy along with individuals with extensive experience in real estate, finance and law. We know this broad range of know-how increases our ability to identify and develop successful investments.

Our focus

We have a clear and focused investment strategy in renewable energy. We prefer to invest in complex development projects with financial, structural and logistical needs. All Index Energy investments have some form of development potential that we can help to realise by leveraging our knowledge and experience in renewable energy and other associated sectors.


From the word go, Index Energy has demonstrated impressive growth in business and in the value of our investments. Our independence means we can focus 100 per cent on developing each individual project to realise the maximum potential.


Index is an independent investment group founded by Bjarne Borg and Fredrik Alama. We have a broad and diversified investment portfolio, with holdings in sectors like real estate and energy.


We are Swedish, but with a global vision. Sweden and selected regions in North America are our prioritised markets, places where we have been active for many years and acquired extensive local knowledge.


What we invest is our own capital – the best guarantee that our business and each project are managed smartly, carefully and with personal responsibility.


Although we have increased the number of investment partnerships we engage in over the years, we continue to employ our own capital in joint projects with external professional investors. The founders of Index Invest have invested significant capital in the business, and we manage every project as hands-on owners and shareholders.